Bitesize Writing を始めよう!


Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年4月01日(土) 05:29

Dear Mr.Sakai

You had talked you'll make a new writing board since April the first.
I'm waiting for it.

Yesterday I went to Merry smile cafe and talked about my plan.
Runnning a bookcafe in the TAKAOKA st.
It's difficult but fun.

I don't have a experience runnning a cafe or bookstore.
But I have a experience enjoying TADOKU.
TADOKU has a big power.
It'll change the learning style and our society.

I'm waiting for the new writing board.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年4月02日(日) 05:52


When I was a high school student, English teacher told us,
"You had to write text book on the notebook.
Then use dictionary for clear the meaning of all words before the class."

It's not interesting for me to copy the textbook by the hand.

But sometimes I had copied my favorite fraises on my little daily notebook.
For example,

"I have the right to make mistakes."

"Keep your hand moving.
Don't cross out.
Don't worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar.
Lose control.
Don't think.
Don't get logical.
Go for the jugular."

I think copy has the some kind of the power to write.





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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年4月03日(月) 07:39


I'm Kinoko.
It's really fun.
Writing in English.

It's my traning space for writing.
When I put my keyboard, just putting on my mind.
Don' t worry about BUNPO, just think about in English.
So now I feel I could get a little English mind in my brain.

I named her Lucy.
When she was born, I didn' t know.
When she was a little girl, she was enjoying picture books.
But now she is ten or eleven years old, so she wants to read more books.
She wants to meet many people,
She wants to go to school,
She wants to have her own friends,
She want to read difficult books,
She wants to learn everything in the world in English.

So I have to read more and more books for her.
I have to meet many people for her.

MRI とかで調べられる?

Since I wrote this space, I feel my English mind is grown up every day.
It's a little by little, and baby step ?
Yes, Ok.
Every baby will want to grown up every day.

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Spring has come!

投稿記事by プリン » 2017年4月05日(水) 18:29

At Kanazawa.
Today, It was cloudy.
Though warmer than yesterday.
Quite nice for strolling.
Outside there were many people looking for Spring!
I found a piece of Spring.
Here and there.

Cherry blossoms.
The buds were begging to open.
Pink colored sweets.
Foreigners who wore half sleeves.
So nice!

Good bye heavy thick coat!
Good bye winter!
Spring has really come!

Did you find any ?
See you! :love3:

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by sonic » 2017年4月10日(月) 22:54

I'd like to be careful
about myself.
I'd like to be sensitive
about myself.
I'd like to heal myself
when I'm tired.
I'd like to respect myself
even if no one do.
I'd like to be a best supporter
for myself.
I'd like to be a person
who can trust myself finally.
In a future,
I'd like to make others
feel happy.

by sonic

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年4月11日(火) 05:07

It's a picture book.
Words by Margaret Wise Brown,
Pictures by Leonard Weisgard.

Before I know TADOKU,
I believe picture books exist for little children.

But I met this picture book,
I know there are some kind of picture books,
We can enjoy.

"The important thing about you is
That you are you.
It is true that you were a baby,
and you grew,
and now you are a child,
and you will grow,
into a man,
or into a woman.

But the important thing about you
is that
you are you."

These words are easy, but the meaning is deep.
I know only these basic words can write important thing.
So I still continue to write my words.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年4月15日(土) 10:00

I like weekends
Saturday and Sunday.

I like my garden.
Soon asparagas will grew up.
They are very juicy.
I like it.
In spring they grew and I eat them.

Now I read a book about "Rainforest Mind"
It's interesting and usufull for my work.
The essence is not transrate in Japan.
I know it faster than another professional workers.
It's important to know another worlds exist in foreign contry.
Another education programs exist in another country.
And we only know Japan's system.
Is it Ok?

Many students don't like go to school.
So I read"A FINE FINE SCHOOL " for them and teachers.
It's very nice story.
I love it.
Please try it.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年4月20日(木) 21:25

Last weekend I went to see the movie, La La Land.
Is it happy ending?

It's a little bit bitter sweet movie.
Is it a dream?

It's a dream' s come true movie.

I feel a little sad.
I want to stay in dream.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年4月25日(火) 03:29

I enjoy khan academy.
Thank you ktb-san.

When I started TADOKU, I did not know Amazon, ORT and GR.
There were nothing you-tube, TED and MOOK.
Now we can enjoy many kind of things in one's house.

Do we still need Study hard?
Just only enjoy my own choice.
I always enjoy how to make patchwork or cookie recipe.

I'll go to Osaka on next Sunday.
To visit Morinomiya-Q's mole for one box used book store.
I hope it will be sunny day, and I want to enjoy to meet many Tadoku funs.
See you!

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by はねにゃんこ » 2017年4月26日(水) 00:45

Hello, Kinoko-san.
I'm Hanenyanko.
Nice to meet you.

I live in Osaka.
Morinomiya is near my house.
But I've never been to Morinomiya Q's mole.
So I did'nt know the event.
I'm sorry that I have a plan on next Sunday.
I hope you'll enjoy it and meet you someday. :rainbow:

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