Bitesize Writing を始めよう!


Re: Bitesize Writing を始めた!

投稿記事by 肚裡 » 2017年3月13日(月) 19:51

There was a boy, and he was a good story teller.
He and I were in same class, in fourth grade.
After all of the lesson, he told a story to us.
About four or five class mates in class room.
I didn’t want to listen to the story.
His story was a fear story.
After heard the story.
I didn’t go to a toilet for a while.
A hand from the hole of the toilet thing would get me at night.
You know the toilet a long time ago.
Now, we didn’t use it.


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Tadoku Festival is over.

投稿記事by さかい » 2017年3月13日(月) 21:24

The NPO Tadoku Supporters had a festival.
I had a full day.
I met many people.
They were from all over Japan.
There was a lot to talk about.
Chatting went on and on to farewell party.
My voice began to crack toward the end.

I came back home late last evening.
Woke up around 12:30 noon!
I took a rest all day,
watching three Boston Legal episodes.

I'm already getting sleepy.
i will get back slowly to my normal working day.
tomorrow, i will work on my assignment for the new website.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by Neal » 2017年3月14日(火) 18:36


I was so glad that I could meet プリンさん at Tadoku festival.
I wanted to talk about 「Turkish Deligt」
When I heard the story of Narunia by sounded so delicious.
I wanted to say that,but I forgot evrything.

I could talk with some attractive and a bit satrange Tadoku freiends at the festival.
I want to see you again.
I had a great time.
Thank you for evrything.

I'm so glad that ms.mikan watched Whitecollar.
I want to talk about Whitecollar more and more.(I'm sorry.)
I want to add 「I'm on my way」to ms.mikan's list.
This 「決まり文句」always appears in the end of telephone conversation.
I guess FBI agents are very busy.
I think this sentence is most often in Whitecollar.

Thank you.
p.s. I watched 「MAD MEN」season1 episode 1.


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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めた!

投稿記事by 肚裡 » 2017年3月14日(火) 20:31

I had a diary.
It was a project at school.
when I was in first grade and second.
After I did, some notes were put together in one.
That was the diary that I had.

I found the diary when I grew up.

I opened the page.

some page said; I went to play with A-kun.
(with picture, with crayon)

some page said; I went play on a swing.
(with picture)

Every page like these.


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Good news!

投稿記事by プリン » 2017年3月14日(火) 20:56

Hi, everyone!
I have good news! ( Already the title says.)
Do you want to hear?
Yes? Of course you do!

Do you remember about my lost watch?
Ta-dah! I found it!
It sat on a iron cover of the ditch near my house.
Someone must put it there.
I'm so happy! :whistle:

Hello, Neal-San.
I was so glad to see you ! Real Neal-san! :love3:
And happy to hear you about the Narnia.
We can talk about it on the Skype E-osyaberi-Kai near future!
Looking forward to the session!
And thank you.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by ms.mikan » 2017年3月15日(水) 12:15

Neal-san and everyone!
Thanks for your reply.
I was very sorry that I didn’t have a chance to chat with you there.
But I was very happy to hear your story at Tadoku festival.
I can tell how much you love Neal.
Actually I used to love Neal.
Neal can do everything perfectly.
He looks nice perfectly.
He is smarter than anyone else.
Perfect or complete, however, makes me feel boring or uninteresting.
Peter looks little nicer.
Peter is older than him.
But he is something attractive.
He is something interesting.
This is why I prefer Peter to Neal, now.
Anyway I often change my favorite character.
Now, I’m really into Don of “MAD MEN”.
People always drink, smoke and do love affair.
I've got tired of them.
But I can’t help watching them.
I always watch them over my lunch alone.
Now I am going to open “HULU.”
Don’t bother me!

You are lucky to get back your watch!


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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めた!

投稿記事by 肚裡 » 2017年3月15日(水) 21:55

I was in fourth grade.
I made a sculpture out of a block at school.
I made a robot.
Of cause all of in class did.
We did a half at school and other at home.

And we finished at school.
I knew some sculptures, their parents helped.
And mine,,,,

My father looked fun while he had been.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めた!

投稿記事by 肚裡 » 2017年3月17日(金) 22:02

Chip looked in a book.
“I don’t like this adventure.”
“l don’t like this too.”

“what’s that, Chip, "Biff said.
“A sort of travel guide.”

“Oh I see.”
“Where are you going to.”
“I have no idea.”
“That’s what the magic key will do.”
“you know, Biff.”

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めた!

投稿記事by 肚裡 » 2017年3月18日(土) 21:49

I am a cat.
I still have no name.

Oh! you don’t have name.
You must be a stray cat, right?

Will you want a name?
If someone will take you their home.
You would get your name.
But you wouldn’t be free.

Which one do you want?
A name or Free.
It’s imposible.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by katobushi » 2017年3月19日(日) 01:32


i want no name
i wanna be no one
is it possible?
how that can be?
thats what i think
when i read your post


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