Bitesize Writing を始めよう!


Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年3月09日(木) 05:18

Hi,ms.mikan and everyone!

I'm Kinoko.
I'll introduce my WRITING TEACHER.

She is Natalie Goldberg living in US.
Her book "Writing Down the Bones" is my Bible.

She tells the rules.
1. Keep your hand moving.
2. Don't cross out.
3.Don't worry about spelling, punctuation,grammar.
4.Lose control.
5.Don't think. Don't get logical.
6.Go for the jugular.

Wow! I found "cross"!
It's the rules of Creative Writing.

She said, "Like running,the more you do it, the better you get at it."

スペルミスや文法は気にしなくてOk! という言葉には、



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My tragedy.

投稿記事by プリン » 2017年3月09日(木) 13:02

Hi, everyone.
There is a tragedy. It happened to me.
Do you want hear about it?
Anyway I 'm going to tell you.

I lost my wrist watch yesterday morning ...
Oh dear me ! Sob sob...
It happened when I was in a harry for the bus.
There were snow on the road.
I was running.
I didn't notice it dropped from my bag.
Probably it landed onto the snow it's like sherbet.
I had to wear it on my wrist.
After my work I searched, searched along the way I passed earlier.
Not a watch at all.
It happens sometimes to me.
How careless I am!
I wish someone find it and bring it to me.
Sorry for my negative talk.
That's life! ← これを使ってみたかった! :grin:

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by yosshiy » 2017年3月09日(木) 17:02

yosshiy here.

I small-talked at last TadokuLove.
Title was “Translation in Japanese.”
My draft was only one slide.
( see the attached phote )
So I try it again.
And write down it.
It’s my trail Bite-Size-Writing.
Because my writing is almost same as my speaking.

Today I’ll do small-talk.
Title is “Translation in Japanese.”
It is complex for me.
So I show you flow of my talking first.

( Show a big star on the slide.)
Something happen.
I call it situation.
( Show three rectangulars.)
Someone watch it.
They report.
( Show a square with a beak.)
Another one watch or read it.
And write a comment.
( Show a circle with a beak.)
I read this comment.
And last I’ll try to say my thought.

This is my flow.

About one month ago, Trump speeched to reporters.
He found a CNN reporter.
He said, “You are liar.”
He gave him no chance to speak.

Many media reported it.
TV, newspaper and other media.
In US, in Japan too, and all over the world.

A Japanese, may be a commentator, picked up 3 big Japanese newspapers.
He said translation is different.
Newspaper A translated you “お前.”
It was very strong and bad image.
Newspaper C translated it “あなた.”
It was very very polite.
Newspaper B translated it “君.”
It was between A and C.
He said Newspaper A biased.
They want to give the readers Trump’s bad image.
This translation is evidence.

I read the comment in the net.
I don’t know biased is true or not.
But I couldn’t accept his evidence.
Because I watched the scene on TV.
Trump’s face was red.
His finger pointed hardly to the reporter.
They fought with words.
If I’m a translator, I use “お前,” or more bad word.
I think he didn’t watch the situation. <I skipped at TadokuLove>
Or he neglected it. <I skipped at TadokuLove>
Words are on the situation.
It’s important.
I think so again.

Thank you.

ああ 間違いが一杯。恥ずかしい。

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by 肚裡 » 2017年3月09日(木) 21:51

There was a story.
A lovely lady in the story.
The lady had got three girls.
She met a man.
The man had got three boys.
They got married.
The family had a housekeeper.
I watched the story on television.
A long time ago.
They spoke in Japanese.

Now I often watch the story.
but not television.
And they speak in english.


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投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年3月10日(金) 05:42

Hi, I'm Kinoko.

My favotite フレーズ is here.
"I have a right to make mistakes."

"to make mistakes " is a right ?

Since I know it, I really enjoy my English writings.
It's my right.
Make a mistake.
I'm now on going writing in English.

So, everyone!
Let's enjoy make mistakes!

When I talk with foreigner I always tell them,
"I'm Japanese.
I'm always thinking in Japanese.
So please understand me."

Don't worry about mistakes!

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by 肚裡 » 2017年3月10日(金) 22:30

There is a river in Tokyo.
It was called Tama River.
The river run through near I live.
I ran along the river a long time ago.
For six months or more.

Then I went to run to Hawaii.
For Honolulu Marathon.
About six months, running for the marathon
was not enough. I knew.
The day,I ran, walked, and finished.
Next day, I was in a shopping center.
I was limping because of the marathon.
But Just not only me.
When local people saw me limping ;
Some said “aloha” and some gave me a smile.

I had a great day.
That was a my first marathon and last.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by banana » 2017年3月10日(金) 22:38


This is Banana, that is not banana the fruit.

Mr. Sakai said about Bitesize Writing.

I am learnig Dutch.
So I posted bitesize-writing's in Dutch.
I did them on my facebook.

I have many facebook friends from the Netherlands.
They read my Dutch post.

They seems pleased.
Someone pointed out my spelling mistake.
Someone asked about what I had written.
Another answered to his question , that had been asked to me.

It is very happy to watch their chatting about my post.

I would like to continue post in Dutch.

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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by プリン » 2017年3月11日(土) 07:01

I'm heading to Tokyo for 多読祭り.
Waiting my bullet train now.
Actually the festive event holds tomorrow.
Today, TADOKU friends gathered for book talk.
Well, I have to go!


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Re: Bitesize Writing を始めよう!

投稿記事by きのこ » 2017年3月11日(土) 07:16

Hi,I'm Kinoko.
Good morning,everyone!

I'm very happy.
It's sunny day, isn't it!
We have always bad weather in winter here.
So I feel spring has come.

Many people try to use this notebook.
Someday we'll write a book about Bitesize Writing.

Julia Cameron introduce "the mornig pages" in her book "the Artist's way".
It's one of the tools in creative recovery.

It's just only wrire three pages when you get up.
"Just keep your hand moving across the page" , she said.
It's one of the rules of the moning pages.

This is our notebook.
Let's enjoy happy writings. :pencil:

Dear purin
I can't go to TADOKU festival this year.
Please enjoy meeting many friends.
I hope someday I'll visit to TADOKU festival. :rainbow:

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登録日時: 2015年2月19日(木) 20:37

Blue days of spring

投稿記事by プリン » 2017年3月13日(月) 12:44


I have hey fever.
Recently I feel cedar pollen in the air so strongly.
My body reacts it.
Itchy eyes., lots of sneezing, running nose.
So annoying!

プリン :shock:

Hi Kinoko-san!
I enjoyed the festive event.
I'll send my happy feelings to you using my magical power!
See you there someday! :love3:

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登録日時: 2011年9月08日(木) 01:24


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